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Do you spend time on looking for your things? Do you have a need to monitor temperature or relative humidity on premises? Could your company enhance its business by monitoring process parameters?

We can help! Contact us and we can tell you more.

Services - this is what we do

Sensor networks

Data collection from indoor sensors can be implemented by using adaptive wireless networks including LAN or LTE gateway. If you need to get data from sensors to cloud contact us to get system design partner.

Smart sensors

Do you need team to build HW and SW product? Sensoan offers engineering projects to business partners. We develop HW, firmware and applications for smart wireless sensor products.

Cloud Data Analysis

Sensors data flow needs place for storage and analysis. We can offer Azure or AWS cloud service or we can integrate data to your systems. For large system integration purposes we have good partner network.

About us

We are small company with big IoT heart, located in Salo IoT Campus
We design and deliver based on customer needs:

- Wireless sensors and sensor networks
- Realtime asset tracking solutions
- IoT engineering services and consultation

Company Information:
Est. 2016
ID: FI27434538
Team size: 7
Electric invoice address and operator:
OpusCapita Solutions Oy
Operator Id: E204503

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Experienced Sensoan team at your service
Jari Suutari
Jari Suutari

By investing in wireless sensor technology your company can reach significant cost savings. Call me when you want to learn more and we can think together best possible solution based on your needs.
Kari Malmivirta
Kari Malmivirta
System Design

It is important to make right choices while enhancing a product, service or process. We design solutions from technology details all the way to quality and maintenace.
Timo Välimäki
Timo Välimäki
Embedded Systems

Fast development of good quality products requires systematic but flexible processes. We use Agile and Lean methods to create reliable embedded systems.
Pekka Mikkola
Pekka Mikkola
Wireless Systems

Wireless systems can be implemented several different ways taking in to account needed range, data transfer amount and operating time in terms of battery-powered devices.
Jussi Nieminen
Jussi Nieminen
SW design

Design of IoT sensors, embedded systems, applications, adaptive radio networks and cloud systems requires deep knowledge from C/C++ to modern languages and platforms.
Jukka Kontulainen
Jukka Kontulainen
Business Development

I’m working in customer interface and I’m developing Sensoan offering to match better with your needs. IoT is not anymore just a slogan. With new technology we could offer solutions for wide range of challenges.