Which network technology will win

IoT hype has gone and companies are taking practical digitalization steps. The number and density of connected devices is growing fast which is leading to the era of massive IoT. Still it’s not obvious which connectivity technology will be the winner. There are many connectivity technologies like NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox and 5G coming. Which one would be the most capable of handling the future challenges of massive IoT.
The answer is not so complicated as many may think. Most of the current and coming technologies are suitable for their specific purpose and will reamain to be relevant. As an example mesh technology is the best choice for limited areas where is the need for high amount of devices.

Download Northstream White Paper: Massive IoT: different technologies for different needs for further information.

This white paper intends to bring structure to the discussion of connectivity technologies, and to help the enterprises have a balanced understanding of the differences of these connectivity options and how different solutions could complement each other to serve their needs.


A picture from Northstream White Paper: Geographical reach vs. density matrix for massive IoT technologies