Jukka Kontulainen strengthens our team

“I am honored to join the Sensoan team. There is so much expertize in the team, whether it is sensors, hardware, radio technologies, embedded SW, databases and cloud. Within the first two years Sensoan has been able to acquire very nice set of projects. The company has been able to establish itself in the market and has solid income from the IoT engineering projects, a respectable achievement!
My task when joining the team is to look for such focus areas, where Sensoan could scale up the business, serve the customers with products having repeated recurring sales. It is nice to see that IoT is not anymore a buzzword, but there are more and more concrete cases which can be further developed. I am really looking forward for the coming months and learning opportunities in my new role. It is nice to be back at Salo IoT Campus!” says Jukka.

“Jukka’s excellent technology and business expertise combined with customer focus brings us the knowledge we need to serve our customers better and more effectively. It’s great to get Jukka to our team!” comments Jari.