Liquid levels in Control

ProLevels Oy’s new system measures the amounts of liquids and transfers the data in real time to the portal, from where consumption and history data can be conveniently read.  The system enables real-time inventory management. Continuous monitoring of consumption can reduce intermediate stocks and ensure timely deliveries. The system can be used to monitor both large and small amounts of liquid as well as  hazardous and flammable liquids.

The volume of the tank or the density of the liquid do not matter. Historical data can be used to monitor the development of the consumption of the substance to be measured and to predict the need for filling.

ProLevels’ new user interface and backend system was implemented by Sensoan during 2020. The project started with a thorough analysis of the use case and the need of the users. After that the development proceeded in short sprints, so that the functionality of the system was gradually increased. Together with ProLevels, it was ensured that progress was made in the right direction.

“Working with Sensoan has been easy and straightforward. The weekly meeting practice has ensured the progress, transparency and the right direction of the project. Decades of experience combined with extensive expertise have enabled the exchange of ideas and further product development already during the project. ”Says Jukka Lakkonen, the CEO of ProLevels.

Sensoan has used Sade Innovations’ Booster IoT Asset in its work, which has provided significant speed and cost benefits.