Agility Rules

Collie Evie and Nordic Semiconductor’s Thingy pictured in autumn colors.

Agility is needed when moving on the slippery autumn rocks. Agility is also the word of the day in organizations and operational development.

New ways of working need to be tried quickly so that you know what works and what could be implement more widely.

When it comes to new digital services, agile experiments are nowadays almost a standard part of a development project.

Thingy is a great example of a conveniently sized device for quick IoT trials. It transmits data independently directly to the backend services and comes with a comprehensive basic set of sensors included. When properly optimized it runs on its build-in battery for several months, which is certainly enough for most IoT experiments e.g. when sensoring  moving objects. We have connected Thingy into the Sensoan Data Collection Service and the two work well together.

Contact us to learn more about how you can use these platforms for quick experiments in your own operating environment.