Sensoan’s new data collection solution helps companies track the lifecycle of their valuable products from factory to shipment.

The Challenge: How to get the valuable goods out of the factory without problems. Storage, Transportation, Lifting, Installation, Commissioning and Operation. Has design been prepared for all these life cycle stages? What about critical maintenance information during operation? UTU Oy will present at the Jyväskylä Sähkö Valo Tele AV Exhibitionon 5.2. – 7.2. remote monitoring[…]

How to digitize processes of all kinds?

The discussion and hype around the industrial internet was probably at its peak around 2015. At that time, Accenture released a report entitled “Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things”. It looked at IoT from the viewpoint of the competitiveness of nations. Finland ranked among the top three among the 20 industrialized countries after the[…]