Liquid levels in Control

ProLevels Oy’s new system measures the amounts of liquids and transfers the data in real time to the portal, from where consumption and history data can be conveniently read.  The system enables real-time inventory management. Continuous monitoring of consumption can reduce intermediate stocks and ensure timely deliveries. The system can be used to monitor both[…]

Assembly time monitoring

At Subcontracting fair 2019 Sensoan presented an example how to monitor manual assembly phases. Small LED lamps were assembled by the trade fair guests at the IT-Line Manufacturing fair stand. After discovering the assembly guide, the assembler pressed the wireless Start button, assembled the lamp, lit it, and put the LED-lamp in the wireless light[…]

Which network technology will win

IoT hype has gone and companies are taking practical digitalization steps. The number and density of connected devices is growing fast which is leading to the era of massive IoT. Still it’s not obvious which connectivity technology will be the winner. There are many connectivity technologies like NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox and 5G coming. Which one[…]

Cloud Basics

What is cloud? A cloud service is a resource that is provided over the Internet. The service can be for example a software, database or computer. Cloud can be either public or private. Public cloud In a public cloud services and infrastructure are provided off-site over the internet. A public cloud is good choice when[…]