How to digitize processes of all kinds?

The discussion and hype around the industrial internet was probably at its peak around 2015. At that time, Accenture released a report entitled “Winning with the Industrial Internet of Things”. It looked at IoT from the viewpoint of the competitiveness of nations. Finland ranked among the top three among the 20 industrialized countries after the[…]

Jukka used Sensoan asset to win UltraHack

Jukka’s team Clean-Data won the Turku Business Region UltraHack Challenge ‘Hack the Spread of Epidemics’ by Kiilto Clean. Team members were Koki Sugawara, Jukka Kontulainen and Semko Aiyubi . IoT and Data are making their way in to the cleaning and hand hygienie. Link to the challenge.

ELY supports Sensoan to develop

With ELY support Sensoan has developed mesh network based smart metering and asset tracking platform and studied market potential in these areas. Company development activity was started spring 2018 and continued to the beginning of 2018.

Which network technology will win

IoT hype has gone and companies are taking practical digitalization steps. The number and density of connected devices is growing fast which is leading to the era of massive IoT. Still it’s not obvious which connectivity technology will be the winner. There are many connectivity technologies like NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox and 5G coming. Which one[…]

Cloud Basics

What is cloud? A cloud service is a resource that is provided over the Internet. The service can be for example a software, database or computer. Cloud can be either public or private. Public cloud In a public cloud services and infrastructure are provided off-site over the internet. A public cloud is good choice when[…]

Emerging Low Power Wide Area Networks Accelerate IoT Deployment

IoT Deployment The Internet of Things, or IoT, is probably the most rapidly growing technology area in coming years. Almost any kind of sensor, device or meter will be connected wirelessly to internet and cloud services. This enables remote follow up and control of various devices. Standardization of IoT technologies is ongoing and some of[…]